U Respect Foundation

Project Matrutva

Improving maternal and child health indicators 

Monitoring pregnant women right through pregnancy to ensure a positive pregnancy outcome, and further monitoring the growth of the child through 1000 days. This project completely used an IOT device and an app installed in the recipient’s phone to monitor a pregnant woman’s vitals regularly, along with educational videos, and was done in close conjunction with the concerned primary health center (PHC).  After delivery, close monitoring of the child’s growth through a chart was done. Information on feeding practices right from childbirth through 24 months of the baby was provided through the videos. Monitoring of 600 pregnant women; with 106 identified (through the tech platform) as high-risk pregnancies, and effectively handled by the PHC. All mothers delivered healthy babies. Six auxiliary nursing personnel were trained, followed by the technology-driven monitoring implementation. Follow-ups from our team continue in the project area