U Respect Foundation

Project Swachalaya

2015 - 2021

In a village with practically no toilets, toilet construction work was initiated with the objective of ensuring one toilet per household in a tribal area.

The key accompanying project component was the related hygiene education of the populace. Consistent behaviour change communication was the hallmark of this intervention. The cases of diarrhoea and dysentery had reduced by 6 % from baseline (12.2% to 6.1%). There were other tribal pockets where the beneficiaries were living out of the forest for their livelihood. There were no toilets in the entire area, and the toilet construction work was initiated along with the significant Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) component.  This was always premised as the very basis for project acceptance and effectiveness among the target population.  U-Respect team has also hand-held the community for 2.5 months, ensuring every time so that each and every member of the community consistently uses and maintains the structure. The cases of diarrhoea and dysentery had reduced by about 6 % from baseline. This was also corroborated in both cases by information from the Medical Officer at the PHC who stated that cases of water-borne diseases emerging from villages had indeed reduced